6.0 (32-bit)

Shape your own two-dimensional world


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OpenClonk is a curious mix of genres that combines real-time strategy, action, platform and a little adventure to create an experience that's close to the newer, better-known Terraria.

In OpenClonk, players control small, humanoid, creatures with big heads called clonks, which can change the land around them with the help of several tools. They can chip stones to build tunnels, cut down trees for wood, use a shovel to dig, etc.

However, this creative aspect, where strategy and planning are more important than anything else, is only part of the game. In OpenClonk, it is also very important to know how to defend yourself, and you have a great arsenal of weapons at your disposal, for both hand-to-hand and long-range combat.

One of the most entertaining parts of OpenClonk is the possibility of facing other players in duels where you can use swords and shields, or even rifles or arrows. Although oftentimes the best weapon is a solid location from which to fight.

OpenClonk is a game that's full of possibilities, and it's just as fun when you're playing alone as when you're playing with other players. The game even improves upon a lot of the advantages of the already great Clonk (the original game on which OpenClonk is based).
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